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Urban TNI

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Das Leben ist voller Überraschungen


26.5.2018 – TNI night @ Sofia / Bulgaria

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Terror.Noize.Industry #2.0

Look again into the mirror you despise
Keep looking over you shoulder
That shadow may not always be your own
It’s living in you, on you eating you alive
It bears a striking resemblance, it bears your scars
Confront the horrors of self

What no ones knows is what you fear
Those thoughts you reject
Only horror hidden in time conceals what has been lost
Spitting into your own reflection, spewing hatred towards reality
Your just a speck of sand in an endless desert of agony
Horror of self
I must confront this
Confront the horror

Horrors of self
Must be confronted, to be forgiven
Horrors of self
Concealed by time, annihilate the past, let it be forgotten
Horrors of self
Must be confronted, to be forgiven
Horrors of self
Must be revealed to achieve contrition
Horrors of self

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Cenobit – Groovy! *** Preview ***

TNI Unapologetic Tour 2018

TNI 16 // Amiga Shock Force ‎– Jump Subroutines EP

TNI 15 // Stickhead ‎– Ruins EP

TNI Lim 8 // DJ Freak ‎– Alter Destiny EP

Basel, CH
Erp, NL