Back in NL with a TNI party since 2011.

Party in Erp was dope! At the beginning we were suprised how a Core Club can exists between all the private houses in the middle of a quarter. But hey, Netherlands tolerance makes it possible. Club has a powerful sound system. Employees were supa friendly. Organisation, transfers, everything went smooth. Good visited party – promoter was happy, TNI is happy. People were shaking, having fun on the floor all the time. Agreeable atmosphere, seemed everybody know each other. Family like. Brute music force from start to the end.
We sold alot TNI Unapologetic Tour vinyls. I am sure we gonna be sold out soon. No marketing blablabla, but less than 20 copies left.
See you soon, Erp! Thanxxx Vivian for everything including all involved friends!
We have a summer interruption for July/August (holidays and festivals all over Europe).
In September more tour news.


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