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September 2018


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Can We Have Your Attention Now?

Big day. 1.) Our next primal baby is out! TNI Limited 9 // Cenobit – Groovy! Order 2.) We just saw by coincidence that in the Top 5 Praxis Records charts are 4(!) TNI vinyls. Bestseller is which didn’t came out yet! Holy S##t! Y’all Motherfuckers need Satan! 3.) Over 60% of the The...Continue reading

TNI LIM9 And TNI18// Over 25% Gone…

THANK YOU! We sold over 25% vinyl copies of the TNI 18 and TNI Limited 9 @ Praxis Shop in short time. Impressed! Worldwide vinyl distribution shops not included. Coz “end consumers” go first this time and Praxis needs to be supported aswell. You heard of the sad story… Ain’t a fan of repress. We...Continue reading

TNI LIM9 And TNI18// Preorder Started

You really wanna miss this vinyls? Rare and limited edition! Ready for shipping in few days… TNI 18 All tracks written and produced by Stickhead (Miro Pajic). Vocals by DJ Skinhead (Oliver Chesler) Vinyl preorder on Praxis Records started! No music previews for the moment. Show us the confidence you have in Miro and...Continue reading