Normally we don’t react to bullshit, lies and false accusations but Jens Dewart reached a new level of ridiculousness.
And we read aloooooot the last years. Intelligent people know there are 2 sides of medal. Cunts or haters judge without knowing the whole story.

Public answer to Jens Dewart aka The Ctrl aka 33% of 909 Junkies. This is a one time statement.

Dear Jens,
Before I blocked you 2.5 months ago (yeah 2.5 fucking months ago … meanwhile the TNI LIM #12 was in pressing and came out end of sept… ) not few days ago like you telling around to your followers… I told you that I was disappointed, very pissed and I don’t wanna hear/see you in live again. U remember?! Ofc you do. In real life I avoid assholes. Online I block them coz I dont wanna see/hear/read/interact with assholes in real neither in digital life. But people like you will never get that.
The most important part which u still don’t understand is: I don’t work with liars. That’s the point. I can’t trust you. You and Chris DJ Narotic (btw I blocked Chris too 2.5 months ago too and you both know that) fucked it up with the samples of the TNI #20 vinyl. You knew excatly you subscribed a contract you couldn’t respect coz you shared the sample pack around. Lord Terror has the sample pack for example. But you subscribed without hesitation. U give a fuck to contracts and you thought I won’t find out.
Next time you should mention to your followers all details what really happend and not only the parts u try to connect together so you change the context of the story. Writing online I am the bad guy here you liar! Manipulator!
You (and DJ Narotic) didn’t respect the contract of TNI #20 and that’s why you won’t get any copies of the TNI LIM #12 you did with Lord Nord afterwards. U can offend me in public, closed fb groups, contact your lawyer etc as much as you want.
Btw Berry aka Re-Charge got his copies. I agreed with Lord Nord to give him his copies in Berlin on 29.11.19. They respect contracts, they get their parts. Yeah Jens, adults can act very fair without drama and lies. You the only adult here who is responsable for a self-mistake. Now you need to pay (for the records). Go on with your MiMiMi mode and good luck buying the TNI LIM #12 records somewhere online. Liars need to spent money.
All additional proofs (like contract copy, music samples, Lord Terror video etc) of Jens Dewart false accusations you can download here:

Click [here]

Over and out.

ps. btw something positiv Jens: Thanks u wrote a negativ comment. One more proof/update for me. Rats come out from their holes when they feel safe only.


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