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TNI Unapologetic Tour Erp/NL – 07.07.2018

Back in NL with a TNI party since 2011. Party in Erp was dope! At the beginning we were suprised how a Core Club can exists between all the private houses in the middle of a quarter. But hey, Netherlands tolerance makes it possible. Club has a powerful sound system. Employees were supa friendly. Organisation,...Continue reading

New #Lim 9 // Cenobit – Groovy! video

Release comes out soon. When? Don’t know. I am reorganising my life and that takes time. Alot. Our distributor Praxis, Berlin has to move out from the store and didn’t find a new place yet. We don’t want to invest money and have dead money lying around for months, potentially. First time we worked with...Continue reading

Digital Download Around The Globe

66 digital download websites in 243 countries. Since yesterday we have officially a new digital distributor. Tracks gonna be online on stores like iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, Beatport, Spotify, Youtube Content ID etc. (dozens of major sites) in 3-4 weeks. Our Bandcamp site remains active.