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Watch "Knowledge Bomb"3m12s

Ut enim ad minim veniam

Limited Edition Vinyl

Ut enim ad minim veniam

About the Artist

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  1. Dark Wave 1:46
  2. Eighties 2:30
  3. Hero 1:49
  4. Synthwave 2:40

Ut enim ad minim veniam

News & Updates

Presale TNI #25 Started

Did u preorder the limited 12″ vinyl? Xylocaine is a hardcore and noise producer,...

Tour Displaced

Xylocaine and The Massacre Tour 2020. Unfortunately we need to tell you that both...

The Massacre Interview

Terrornoize Industry’s founder Casa aka The Massacre is tireless. He actively runs his vinyl+digital...

15% Discount On all TNI Shirts

LOVE MUSIC. HATE PEOPLE. 21th to 25th June 2019 Use code: TSHIRT19 With sizes...

TNI Radio Beta Version Is Online

Hey folks! We activated a free TNI radio BETA version with many sets of...

TNI #22 / Epsilon & Hedonist Promo Trailer (short version)

We resurrected them! Epsilon is back on TNI with brand new traxx and breaks...

Digital files of The Kotzaak Klan feat. DJ Skinhead are out!

Totale Dunkelheit period. The vinyl #18 is SOLD OUT since last week. Fastest sold...

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