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Unmasking the Commercial Bullshit in the Music Scene

The music industry, once revered as a realm of artistic expression and creativity, has gradually transformed into a breeding ground for commercial nonsense. The rampant commercialization of music has resulted in an environment where genuine talent often takes a backseat to profit-driven motives. It’s high time we unmask and challenge the prevailing commercial bullshit that plagues the music scene today.

In the midst of all this commercial nonsense, it’s essential to recognize that there is a thriving underground and independent music scene where authenticity and creativity still flourish. Listeners can play a vital role in reshaping the music industry by supporting independent artists, seeking out diverse sounds, and rejecting the homogenized offerings of major labels.

To combat the commercial bullshit in the music scene, we must prioritize artistry over profit, diversity over uniformity, and creativity over conformity. Only by championing these values can we hope to revive the music industry as a bastion of authentic expression and genuine talent, free from the shackles of commercial exploitation.

  1. Homogenization of Sound: You’re likely to hear a repetitive onslaught of formulaic songs that all sound eerily similar. The pressure to conform to a specific sound or style in order to guarantee commercial success has stifled the diversity and creativity that once defined music.
  2. Disposable Stars: The industry’s fixation on creating disposable stars has led to a churn-and-burn approach to talent. Musicians are often manufactured, marketed, and discarded like products, leaving little room for genuine artists to flourish.
  3. Music as a Product: Music is art, not just a commodity. But commercial interests have turned it into a product to be mass-produced and sold, sidelining artists who prioritize authenticity over profit. Music should tell stories, evoke emotions, and inspire change, not just generate revenue.
  4. Monopoly of Major Labels: A handful of major record labels dominate the hardcore industry, controlling what music gets heard and promoted. This monopoly limits opportunities for independent artists and fosters a climate where commercial success often depends on connections rather than talent.
  5. Lack of Creative Freedom: Many artists are forced to compromise their creative visions to fit the mold prescribed by record labels and executives. This stifling of artistic freedom not only limits the potential of musicians but also dumbs down the quality of music available to the public.
  6. Exploitation of Artists: Behind the glitz and glamour of the hardcore industry lies the harsh reality of artists being exploited for their talent. Unfair contracts, meager royalties, and coercive tactics are common, leaving many artists struggling while others profit off their work.
  7. Short-Term Success Over Longevity: The industry’s focus on quick commercial success often neglects the long-term sustainability of artists’ careers. As a result, many talented musicians burn out or fade into obscurity after a brief moment in the spotlight.
  8. Consumer Manipulation: The commercial music scene often relies on catchy hooks, repetitive lyrics, and superficial trends to manipulate consumer preferences. This not only limits listeners’ exposure to diverse music but also dumbs down the quality of what’s on offer.
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