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TNI Advent Calendar

We had a successful 2021. All new vinyls and tape were sold out. Best music freaks are the ones that don’t fade away no matter what. Fuck Corona. Fuck lockdowns. We would like to THANK YOU for your support & loyalty! You rock! A big thumps up to my small anonymous best-team-ever working on the...

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Ciao Facebook and Instagram

Find us! From 1.2.2021 we are reachable on Telegram and Discord only. Discord is like a mini forum. You can chat, videocall, create private groups, share files, videos, gif etc Free as app and browser. And obviously more gamer related options. TNI Discord / Casa_TNI#3042 Click [here] TNI Telegram Click [here]

Presale TNI #25 Started

Did u preorder the limited 12″ vinyl? Xylocaine is a hardcore and noise producer, based in Newcastle, Australia. Founder and manager of dEAdGirL. 33% Member of Nasenbluten. Check our shop for further details. We expect this record will be sold out fast.

Tour Displaced

Xylocaine and The Massacre Tour 2020. Unfortunately we need to tell you that both tour had been cancelled due private reasons. They can’t make it. Impossible. The guys won’t tour EU may/june and North & South America july/august. Expected new tour dates will be end of year 2020 / beginning of 2021. All promoters showed...

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The Massacre Interview

Terrornoize Industry’s founder Casa aka The Massacre is tireless. He actively runs his vinyl+digital TNI label, dedicated to the darkest forms of hardcore and releasing material from legendary artists like Stickhead or DJ Freak, only to name a few. He’s also a party promoter, launching events where there’s no chance to hear smoothly comfortable sound....

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